The Appliance Doctor’s Microwave Hacks

Appliance Doctor AS Seen On TVMicrowaves heat food quickly and evenly, but you already knew that. However, you might not understand the hidden tricks that allow you to make the most of your model. The Appliance Doctor knows all about microwaves, and there are plenty of hidden tricks which you might not be aware of. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Appliance Doctor Tip: Clean without the Stress

Microwaves cook food fast, and the fact that you don’t need any additional cookware means that washing up is a breeze. However, food tends to splatter in microwaves – you’ll know exactly what we mean if you’ve recently looked at the top of yours. Chances are, there was caked-on food everywhere. This can be awkward to clean, unless you’re aware of the following hack. Just take a microwave safe glass bowl, fill it halfway with water, and then add a tablespoon of white vinegar. Cook for around five minutes, and the steam produced will loosen food, allowing you to wipe clean the interior in seconds.

Appliance Doctor Tip: Bring Bread Back to Life

Did you buy a new loaf of bread, only to accidently leave it out? You’ll come back to find it stale and unpleasant, but all you need is a microwave and some paper towels if you want to get its moisture back. Simply dampen the towel, wrap it around the bread, and then microwave on high power for around 10 seconds, repeating when necessary. The bread will quickly become as soft and delicious as it was when you picked it up. Sounds gross??? Try it you’ll thank me later.

Appliance Doctor Tip: Ever Washed Your Socks?

Microwaves might have been designed for preparing food, but who would have thought their potential would have extended beyond that? You can even use them to quickly clean a pair of socks. At first I smelled a rat and thought this was a gag until asking around only to find many a bachelor or bachelorette in NYC doing just that. If the washing machine is broken or you lack the motivation to head to the laundromat, just throw your socks into a bowl of soapy water and then microwave it for around ten minutes on a high power setting.

The Appliance Doctor has been offering appliance repair in NYC since before microwaves first became popular, so they have seen a trick or two. Is it recommended? Of course not so get Appliance doctor to repair your washer you tight wad. But seriously not only have the crew at appliance doctor seen every comical wives tail and appliance hack in the book; Appliance doctor also offers same day service on all NYC appliance repair. Appliance doctor’s services extend outside of the five boroughs with their reputation firmly established for appliance repair in White Plains and Yonkers. So don’t be caught with your socks in the oven call Appliance doctor today.

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