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New York City Appliance Repair who’s Celebrity Brand?

In modern society we’ve developed a keen eye for quality in a saturated market that is tough to impress. In an instant you can pull up the specs on any product that sparks your interest. Read reviews and even make … Continue reading

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Is a Gas Stovetop Better Than an Electric One?

Stovetops are usually either electrical or gas-powered. That might seem like a small difference, but your choice will have an appreciable impact on both cost and cooking performance. You don’t want to pick the wrong option, so follow this guide … Continue reading

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The Appliance Doctor’s Microwave Hacks

Microwaves heat food quickly and evenly, but you already knew that. However, you might not understand the hidden tricks that allow you to make the most of your model. The Appliance Doctor knows all about microwaves, and there are plenty … Continue reading

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