Should You Buy a Front-Loading Washing Machine?

Up until recently, front-loading washing machines were usually only seen in laundromats, but they’re now becoming much more popular among homeowners. This has made people who are currently experiencing washing machine repairs in New York City strongly consider picking one up, but is that the right decision?

Front-Loading Benefits

Front-loading washing machines come with a number of advantages, but the most frequently cited one is their incredible efficiency. While a top-loading washer needs to fill the drum with enough water to cover everything inside, a front-loading model can get away with using up to a third less during each wash. Additionally, they don’t need to empty and refill during the rinse cycle. They’re also more spacious – meaning you won’t need to do as many washes – and spin faster – meaning your laundry gets much cleaner and dries much faster.

Front-Loading Drawbacks

Those are some compelling benefits, but there are still a few reasons why a front-loader might not be the right washing machine for you. Over years of conducting washing machine repairs, it’s easy to note how much value people place on cost, and the truth is that front-loading machines are usually considerably more expensive than top-loaders. They also tend to vibrate a lot more – especially during the spin cycle – and are less comfortable to load and unload since you’ll need to be bent over.

The Right Choice for You?

If you typically need to either wash particularly dirty items or complete several separate loads each week, then the efficiency and high performance of a front-loading model make it easily worth the greater initial expense. However, if you’re the sort of person who only tends to conduct one wash a week then those advantages probably aren’t going to make too much of a difference.

Whether you decide to buy a front-loading washing machine or not, you need to make sure that all repairs and maintenance are conducted by a professional company. The Appliance Doctor is experienced in providing washing machine repairs in Yonkers, The Bronx, White Plains, and all across New York City, and they specialise in same day service. Of course, you’ll hopefully never require their services, but it’s comforting to know that the Appliance Doctor will be there if you do.

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