What to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Dryer

Reading this guide can mean the difference between finding the right dryer for less and picking up the wrong model for more. Ask yourself these questions before you start shopping, and you’ll be able to pick out the perfect dryer in New York City for your own particular requirements.

What Kind of Power?

This is the biggest technical difference between dryers. Yours will either be powered by gas or electricity; this doesn’t produce any difference in performance, but costs will vary. A gas model will usually cost more than an electric model, often to the tune of around $100. However, gas models cost far less to operate, meaning that your larger initial outlay will pay for itself in around a year. Of course, this depends on how often you plan on using your dryer. For a large family, gas is certainly the way to go.

What Kind of Price?

The choice between gas and electric isn’t the only thing which changes a dryer’s cost. You’ve no doubt noticed that dryers can be picked up for as little as $300, but that some can cost in excess of $1000. These will generally have more advanced features – allowing you to dry more efficiently, and take care of a greater number of articles. They’ll also tend to come in a greater range of design styles, and use a larger drum. The drum itself will often be stainless steel instead of plastic. However, durability tends not to change much between price ranges, so it’s really a matter of personal preference.

What Are Your Individual Needs?

You’ll also need to consider where you’re going to place your dryer, and how often you’re going to use it. If the dryer is going into a dimly lit room, it might be prudent to choose a model with illuminated displays or large icons. If you have a larger family then you should look for a model with a large drum and a long warranty. If you need to wash multiple types of fabric, then you’ll need a model with plenty of pre-set modes.

Dryer Repair NYC

Of course, you’ll also want to be able to call upon the best service available for dryer repair in New York City if anything goes wrong. The Appliance Doctor is always available to offer their decades of experience, and will usually reach you the very day you call.

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