Is a Gas Stovetop Better Than an Electric One?

Stovetops are usually either electrical or gas-powered. That might seem like a small difference, but your choice will have an appreciable impact on both cost and cooking performance. You don’t want to pick the wrong option, so follow this guide to find out whether gas or electric is the best for you.

The Benefits of a Gas Stovetop

Flick on any cooking program, and you’ll notice that the experts unanimously prefer gas stovetops to electric ones. This is because gas offers a far greater level of control, allowing culinary whizzes to find the perfect temperature. They also distribute heat more effectively, get hot straight away, and are generally less expensive than electric models. You can use them with multiple types of cookware, whereas electric stovetops cannot generally hold anything without a completely flat bottom, like woks. Finally, they tend to be a little more reliable.

The Disadvantages of a Gas Stovetop

Gas stovetops aren’t without their drawbacks. Firstly, they’re much trickier to clean and maintain, which can start to become a real nuisance. Despite their lower upfront cost, gas stovetops will need to be installed by a professional company like Appliance doctor, the ongoing expenses are likely to mount quickly since gas is less efficient than electricity. They’re also arguably less safe, since a direct flame is used to provide heat, although this risk is somewhat mitigated by the fact that you’ll rarely forget to turn them off.

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A gas stovetop is probably better for any serious foodies who don’t mind paying a little extra each month, whereas an electric model will be easier and less expensive for anyone who values convenience, and who isn’t particularly adventurous with their cooking.

Whatever type of stovetop you select for your oven, remember to make the Appliance Doctor your first port of call if anything goes wrong. If you’re suddenly not getting heat, it’s important to seek professional appliance repair in Manhattan as soon as possible. With decades of experience allowing their technicians to perform all sorts of appliance repair throughout NYC the Appliance Doctor can be relied upon to fix the problem.

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