Should You Get A Replacement or Go for NYC Dryer Repair?

No doubt, one of the best feelings as a homeowner is to buy a new dryer finally. It ensures that you can complete your chores on time and do other essential things. However, the time will come that you need to decide whether you will buy a replacement or hire an NYC dryer repair technician.

To help you decide, you can consider the following ideas:

The Dryer’s Life Expectancy

One of the factors you should consider when deciding is the dryer’s lifespan. On average, your dryer will last up to 10-15 years. However, you need to take care of it and follow the recommended maintenance.

If you own a dryer model from 2013, you will find it more efficient than a model from 2005. However, it is not as energy efficient as the model from 2016. If you bought a dryer a few years ago at $1,200, the repairs would be minimal. So, it is best to keep your current dryer model for a few more years.

The Dryer’s Cost to Repair 

For sure, one of your primary concerns in deciding between a replacement and a repair is the cost. If the repair issue is minor, then the repair cost is also little. However, if the problem is more complex, you need to spend more.

If you notice that you can save more from repairing your dryer, then go for it. However, if repair issues occur from time to time and you are already spending a lot, it’s time to buy a new one.

The Dryer’s Cost to Replace 

Once your dryer has reached the end of its life expectancy, it is better to hunt for a new one than getting a dryer repair NYC. Ensure to do your research before going on a shopping and get familiar with new upgrades and features. These include steam-dry options, various settings, quiet running, quicker drying times, and improved energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency 

Most features that make the dryer energy-efficient were introduced a few years before the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) begun rating the dryer’s efficiency. If your dryer has some of these features and the repair cost is less than half the replacement cost, it is better to stick with your current dryer.

Some of the energy-efficient features you should look for in a dryer include moisture sensors, gas-powered capability, and low heat setting. Having these feature ensure that you can prevent the early purchase of new dryer unit.


Understandably, choosing between a replacement and a repair is a tough job. After all, you want to ensure that your choice will save you a significant amount of money while providing efficient results. Don’t worry, if your best choice would be appliance repair, you can find many professional technicians who can help you expertly.

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