Simple Ways to Minimize Serious Refrigerator Repair New York NY

Without your refrigerator, it would be hard for you to store foods and consume them any time you want. You will not also make your favorite cold desserts. That is why you need to ensure that your appliance is always in its best condition.

While you cannot keep your refrigerator forever because it has its lifespan, you can try several ways to prevent complex refrigerator repair New York NY, while extending its life expectancy.

  1. Always Clean the Coils 

The refrigerator’s condenser coils are critical to keeping the temperature inside the appliance cool. On the other hand, the coils will collect dust and dirt over time if left unchecked.

Ensure to keep the coils clean at all times to prevent too much stress on the condenser. This will also help extend your appliance’s lifespan. When cleaning the coils, do not forget to unplug the appliance and use a brush or vacuum.

  1. Keep the Top of the Refrigerator Clear 

Most homeowners think that it is okay to use the top of the refrigerator to store snacks, cereal boxes, and even canned goods for easy access. However, it is not a good practice. Beware that the refrigerator releases the excess heat through its top part.

Once you place items on top of it, heat is being trapped. As a result, your appliance’s motor is forced to work harder to keep the optimal temperatures within the unit. This will cause damage to the appliance over time. What’s more, the food you keep will also be negatively affected.

  1. Ensure to Keep the Seals at Their Best Conditions 

The seal with the refrigerator door’s inner edge is responsible for keeping the warm air out and cold air in. If there are gaps or leaks in the seal, the temperature will drop low, and the bacteria will start to grow. Plus, the appliance will work harder to make up for the lost, cold air.

The good news is that you can quickly determine a loose seal. All you need to do is stick half a dollar bill into the refrigerator door and then shut it. Once you notice that the bill slips out quickly, it means that your seal requires a refrigerator repair New York NY.

  1. Keep the Refrigerator Full

Do you always keep your refrigerator full? If so, then you are doing it right. The appliance tends to work better when it is full.

As the items inside your appliance get cold, they keep the temperature of the entire unit down. This lets the appliance relax. So, you have nothing to worry about if you have lots of items to store in it. The more items you have inside it, the less strain on the appliance’s motor.


Keeping your refrigerator in shape is one of your top priorities. It will not only save you money but also ensure that you have no headaches about frequent repairs.

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