Oven Repair White Plains Experts Reveal How to Extend the Appliance’s Life Expectancy

Let’s face it; no matter how high-quality the oven is and how careful you are in using it, there will be a time when you have to replace it because it is old. On the bright side, there are several ways to extend the oven’s lifespan and save money.

Beware that your oven’s average lifespan is approximately 13-15 years. Besides bringing it to a reputable oven repair New Rochelle, you can take advantage of the following tips to make it last longer:

  1. Clean the Oven Regularly 

This may sound simple, but it does a great job of extending your oven’s lifespan. Ensure to clean the appliance thoroughly and regularly. Clean up any spills on the inside part and range as soon as possible.

Remember that leaving burned on or baked food within the oven or on the range triggers the elements to heat up. This may result in the appliance working harder to cook the food and even burn out faster. That is why cleaning it correctly will help maximize its lifespan.

  1. Never Use the Self-Cleaning Feature 

Most homeowners are tempted to use the oven’s self-cleaning feature. However, it is one of the primary reasons why your appliance’s lifespan is reduced. Once you use this feature, the oven will heat up to extremely high temperatures. So, expect to burn off baked-on your food.

Additionally, using the self-cleaning feature can cause small micro-fissures in the glass door of your appliance. This makes it vulnerable to breakage.

  1. Do Not Spray the Range’s Knob 

Do you often clean your range’s knob by spraying on it? If so, you need to change that cleaning habit. Once you directly spray the cleaning solution on the oven’s or range’s knob, it causes the electrical elements to burn out. It also leads to shorts and corrosion. This results to a serious oven repair White Plains.

Instead of spraying the knob with the cleaning solution, get a damp rag and spray it onto it. Then, use it to clean the oven’s buttons and knobs.

  1. Repair the Door Seals

Does your oven take a long time before heating up? Is your oven not holding the temperature well? If so, ensure to check the gasket or door seal. Once the seal gets older, it becomes more prone to cracks or frays. If the gasket becomes damaged, the oven’s heating elements tend to work harder to deliver the correct temperature and keep it consistent.

You can contact a professional provider of oven repair in White Plains to handle the broken or frayed gasket or seal and help the appliance last longer.


While your oven has its lifespan, you can still extend it. All you need to do is follow the tips above. You can also ask for a professional help from a reputable appliance repair company near your area.

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