Refrigerator Repair NYC Professionals Give Hint about the Refrigerator Use Misconceptions

Your refrigerator is one of the not very demanding home appliances. However, it has several requirements that you should not ignore. If you do not meet these requirements, do not be surprised if you face a serious refrigerator repair NYC.

The problem is, you are unknowingly doing things that can actually damage your refrigerators. It’s good that refrigerator repair experts have finally revealed the different misconceptions about using your refrigerator.

Most people think it’s okay:

Not to Seal the Door Completely 

Beware that your refrigerator door is not the same as your cabinet door. This appliance comes with a rubber piece responsible for sealing to the body once it is shut. That way, cold air is kept in. in most cases, it is magnetized to deliver resistance when you open it once again.

Every time you overstock the shelves found on the door or overpack the fridge, it appears shut but does not seal. This causes the cold air to escape. Once you shut the door, give it a little tug to ensure it is closed completely.

Not Clean the Refrigerator Enough 

Your refrigerator is a primary place for leaks and spills. While cleaning up the obvious messes is critical and easy to do, it does not give your appliance the real scrub down. Ensure to clean your refrigerator regularly to prevent dangerous bacteria from a small leak in food products.

Do not also forget to clean the underneath area because it is a great place to collect grime and dust. In return, your appliance will run efficiently and save money over time.

Pack the Refrigerator Too Full 

Storing lots of food in the refrigerator is not a good idea. If you want the appliance to run efficiently while keeping the food cool, ensue to leave some room for air to circulate. Once you pack it too full, it will struggle to keep the food cool enough. As a result, the food spoils faster.

You can fill the shelves, but do not overstack them. If you cannot reach the refrigerator’s back part, it is better to purge some food items.

Store Food That is Too Hot 

While refrigerators can handle a little heat from a few warm leftover servings, a piping-hot soup is a different story. If the appliance raises the temperature above 40°F, bacteria may multiply as quickly as possible. So, the food becomes unsafe to consume.

If it is essential to store hot foods, you can safely divide them into smaller containers. That way, there is more air circulation that allows the food to cool more quickly. Plus, it also keeps the fridge’s temperature ideal.


People say that some habits are hard to break. However, if you will not change your routine when using your refrigerator, you can cause a serious damage to it. Ensure to practice things that can prolong your appliance’s lifespan.

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