Modern dryers come with sophisticated features, including steam cycles, wrinkle shields, and moisture sensors. So, it’s no surprise why drying your clothes is a lot easier and more efficient than before.

However, if you will not use the machine appropriately, you may encounter different laundry issues. If you keep making bad habits, the machine becomes faulty and requires a dryer repair in Manhattan later on.

Below are some bad habits when using the dryer you should avoid from now on:

  1. Not Prepping the Clothes Properly

Do you just throw your clothes straight in the dryer after wash? If yes, it’s time to change that habit. Ensure to double-check the pockets for wallets, coins, pens, and other items that can leak, melt, or zip up the zippers. That way, you can avoid the exposed zippers’ teeth from snugging your stuff.

  1. Overfilling the Dryer 

Some people overfill their dryers to save time and energy. If you are guilty of this habit, you are actually wasting time and energy. Aside from the clothes that can circulate effectively and remove creases and wrinkles, enough room lets the dryer distribute heat evenly.

Instead of overfilling the machine, ensure to fill it not more than three-quarters. That way, your laundry will dry properly.

  1. Neglecting to Sort Clothes

Do you always jam different wash loads at a time in the dryer? Well, you also need to change that habit. Like in washing, sorting is also critical in drying. Do not dry lingerie with rough fabrics or sweaters because rubbing can lead to pilling. If you choose the high heat function, your black cotton t-shirt may fade and shrink.

  1. Not Cleaning the Lint Traps

As a dryer user, you need to clean the lint traps between every use. You can use a lint brush to remove and dislodge any lint that the screen failed to capture. Then, follow up with vacuuming. This will help keep your dryer run efficiently.

  1. Not Cleaning the Moisture Sensor and Lint Screen 

Beware that frequent dryer sheets use can lead to chemical coating buildup on the moisture sensors and lint screen. So, you need to wipe down these sensors using a towel and mild soap. It is also critical to wash the lint screen under the faucet and scrub it regularly with a cloth and mild dishwashing soap. Then, wipe it down and air-dry before the reinstallation.

  1. Not Paying Attention to Dryer’s Under and Around Areas 

Did you know that your dryer pulls air from its surrounding area? That is why it is critical to keep your floor around clean and clear. Regular vacuuming or dusting helps eliminate lint clumps found behind the dryer.


Like any other machine, your dryer requires proper use and care. That way, you can prevent serious repair needs. Plus, you can enjoy its benefits for longer times.

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