3 Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Stinks

A refrigerator that’s starting to give off funky odors can be caused by a number of issues. If you have cause for concern regarding a burning smell and live in New York City I would call Appliance doctor asap for refrigerator repair. However, these smells don’t always come from an appliance malfunction. Below are three likely reasons the fridge might be on the nose.

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Check the crisper! Fruits and vegetables locked away in the crisper are the number one culprit for stinking up the place. Rotting and molding vegies will leak as they begin to decompose releasing pungent fumes that will taint everything they touch. If you find expired fruits and vegies in the crisper you should take everything out and clean it thoroughly as juices will pool in the bottom leaving a lingering odor and tainting the crisper itself.

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Unbeknown to most it’s not recommended to store fresh produce in plastic bags and leave them in the crisper. Reason being it will cause fresh fruits and vegies to sweat and go off prematurely. If the crisper is kept clean it is preferred that all fresh produce be placed in an open crisper for the air to circulate freely. Following this advice will extend the storage life of your food and nullify the chances of finding that mystery bag full of mush that grosses out the whole crisper.

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If everything is fine with the crisper and there’s no sign of rotting food your next move is to check the drip tray. Depending on your brand of refrigerator the method for removing this tray may vary so check your manual or give the guys at Appliance doctor a call. Drip trays collect overflow and catch condensation that builds up over time. Drip trays should be checked routinely as the water caught here will become stagnate and over time leave a musty and damp odor.

Appliance doctor understands not every New Yorker can perform routine preventative maintenance on their refrigerators whether its removing a drip tray or something more serious. Appliance doctor provides same day service throughout the five boroughs.

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