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No one wants to see mold growing in their refrigerator. However, it happens due to the conditions in your appliance, so it helps to know what to do. If you are looking for refrigerator repairs in the Bronx, call the Appliance Doctor. We are your local experts and have experience with refrigerators of all makes and models. Here’s how to combat mold in your refrigerator.

Get Your Refrigerator Repaired by Local Technicians in the Bronx

The moisture in your refrigerator along with minimal air flow provides the perfect conditions for mold to grow. You can find it on the interior walls and shelves, on food that is past its best as well as on the rubber door seal. Frequently clean your appliance and check these areas for mold. If you do find any, you can safely remove it. Firstly empty your refrigerator. Dispose of any foods that contain mold or have come into contact with the mold in your unit. If you have any other concerns about your unit, get in touch with our qualified technicians at the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx.

The Appliance Doctor Uses Quality Replacement Parts for Refrigerator Repairs

Make a solution of warm water and baking soda and soak a cloth in it before wiping down every part of your appliance. Pay particular attention where mold is visible. Wipe all of the shelves and drawers and any containers that have been in your refrigerator. After you have applied this mixture you should use a clean cloth and warm water to remove all traces of the baking soda. Dry the interior before replacing its contents. You may need to replace the gasket if you can’t remove the mold from all of the crevices. For quality parts in the Bronx, contact the Appliance Doctor.

It isn’t ideal to find mold in your refrigerator, however, by following our simple guide your appliance will be clean again in no time. If you have any other concerns about your refrigerator, our Bronx service team at the Appliance Doctor is ready to answer your call.

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