Your refrigerator isn’t something you would usually expect to be leaking water. However, if it does happen it presents a hazard in your kitchen that needs fixing right away. If you can find where the leak is coming from this will help determine the problem. For expert advice and repairs, call the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx, NY. Here are five top tips for fixing a leaking refrigerator.

Locate a Reputable Technician in the Bronx, NY

If you find water is leaking from the front towards the bottom you may find you have a clogged drain line. Simply unplug your refrigerator and take off the plastic guard at the front. See your manual if you have trouble locating or removing this. Look for a plastic tray and slide it out. If there is a buildup of ice just put in a sink or bucket and run warm water over the ice until it melts. Check if the leak is coming from the base of your appliance. This could indicate damage to the bottom drain pan or it could have become dislodged. Once you have rectified these your fridge should operate as normal.

Bronx Residents Trust the Appliance Doctor for Refrigerator Repair

Sometimes the water is coming from the back of the appliance. Unplug your refrigerator as it could mean a leaking water valve or line. Thoroughly check all parts of the water line, particularly for strong connections and small holes. If there are any issues with the water line, it will require replacing. If you are looking for quality parts and installation, the Appliance Doctor can assist in the Bronx.

Keep Your Refrigerator Free From Leakages in the Bronx

Check the bottom of your refrigerator, drips from here can be caused by faulty door gaskets. It is not uncommon for the seal to suffer from wear and tear which allows outside air to enter. This increases the moisture in your fridge which then drips down causing the drain pan to overflow. Make sure you are closing your refrigerator properly and wipe down any dirt. If there is still a leak, your door gaskets will need replacing. The Appliance Doctor provides quality, cost-effective parts for all makes and models of refrigerators in the Bronx.


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