While it is more energy efficient to have a relatively full refrigerator than an empty one, you should avoid over filling it. When there is too much in your fridge you are blocking the air vents, reducing air circulation and compromising energy efficiency. If your unit makes any strange noises or stops working then you need to call the Appliance Doctor straight away. We will come to you in White Plains fast, to prevent food wastage. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t over fill your refrigerator.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Refrigerator Guide

When placing items in your refrigerator, you should avoid blocking the air vents. Blockages mean your unit won’t do its job which is unsafe for food storage. If you find you are over filling your refrigerator then you are compromising its ability to function. Instead of either filling your appliance, get a larger model or do multiple grocery shops throughout the week. If your refrigerator is no longer keeping food cool, you should hire a repair technician from the Appliance Doctor in White Plains.

White Plains Residents Should Call the Appliance Doctor

Consider the air circulating around the interior of your refrigerator. If you fill it up, the air won’t flow through the unit and some contents may not stay chilled. This could lead to food spoilage or food poisoning. For best results, your appliance should be well stocked without being too full. The Appliance Doctor can assess if your refrigerator is working effectively in White Plains.

Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently in White Plains

You should strive to maintain energy efficient appliances. If you overcrowd your refrigerator, you will compromise its effectiveness. Overfilling your unit requires more energy to try and keep the contents cool. An empty fridge also uses more energy to keep the interior chilled. Therefore you need to find the right balance to maintain a well-stocked refrigerator for energy efficient results. For all refrigerator queries in White Plains, get in touch with the Appliance Doctor.

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