Your dryer is handy to have in your laundry as it can get your clothes dry faster than line drying. However, it reaches high temperatures which aren’t suitable for some fabrics. You might find certain items shrink or damage during the cycle. Other items can ruin an entire load. If you want to keep your dryer working efficiently in Yonkers, call the Appliance Doctor. Here are four fabrics that should stay out of your dryer.

The Appliance Doctor Will Come to You in Yonkers

If you are unsure if your garment can be put in the dryer, check the label. If you can see an icon of a dryer, then you can proceed to dry it. However, if you see a cross through it then the manufacturer is letting you know that air drying is your best bet. Typically, expensive and delicate fabrics such as cashmere and silk don’t fare well in the dryer. The heat is too harsh which can cause damage. These items are costly and it’s best to exercise caution and line dry them.

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It isn’t just delicate items that need to avoid machine drying and your robust wools need to steer clear too. This fabric is prone to shrinking in the dryer and should air dry for best results. You may wish to try a cool setting which is gentler on the fabric, however, the risk is usually against the manufacturer’s advice.

Choose the Appliance Doctor for Expert Dryer Repairs

Another fabric that should stay out of your dryer load is anything with plastic, rubber or PVC. The hot temperatures reached in the machine can melt these materials. Not only will it destroy the item in question but it could ruin the rest of the load. Avoid having to replace your entire wardrobe and leave these items out of the dryer. If you are in a hurry and want to dry something that shouldn’t really go in your machine then choose a cool setting. If your dryer is over heating or you have any other dryer queries, contact the Appliance Doctor in Yonkers.

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