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It’s important to defrost your refrigerator to prevent a build-up of frost. Keeping your refrigerator running well and providing plenty of room in the freezer compartment is essential. If you experience any problems with the cooling of your food, call our team at the Appliance Doctor in White Plains. Here are four reasons why you need to defrost your refrigerator.

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If you start to notice a build-up of ice in your freezer section, then it’s not working efficiently. This has an impact on the environment as well as your power bills. Ice that is more than ¼ inch thick interferes with the freezing process. Some newer models automatically defrost, however, if you have had your refrigerator for a while you will need to try manual methods to keep on top of it.

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Regular defrosting ensures the build-up of ice in your appliance doesn’t get out of control. Letting frost accumulate, wastes valuable space on your shelves. Make room for your frozen goods by taking the time to defrost your refrigerator. Simply empty your appliance and turn it off. Place plenty of towels on the floor around it and pour boiling water over the ice. When it has all melted, wipe the inside and turn back on.

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Your fridge-freezer can be kept more hygienic with regular defrosting. Particular strains of bacteria like the frozen environment. When you defrost, you can wipe down the shelves and walls to remove them. This also can remove and prevent odours caused by the bacteria. Use natural products that won’t contaminate your frozen foods.

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Keep your refrigerator in full working order by getting rid of the frost. This ensures the drainage lines don’t become clogged, preventing leakages. Condensation often freezes on the refrigerator coils which can become problematic for the drainage lines. Hire the Appliance Doctor if your refrigerator isn’t working properly.


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