Because you use your machine regularly, you should maintain your washer to extend its life. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your washing machine is running as it should. If you notice any problems with your washer, contact the Appliance Doctor for repairs in NYC. Here’s how to care for your washing machine.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Maintenance Advice

Wear and tear can cause the hoses to leak or burst. Occasionally check these hoses to identify weaknesses. Look out for blistering which can lead to rupture. If you notice any irregularities, it is more cost effective to address them early on. Check your instruction manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation of when you should replace them. This is usually around the five-year mark. The Appliance Doctor can supply and fit hoses for washing machines of all makes and models in Manhattan.

The Appliance Doctor will Take Care of Your Machine

You should regularly test if your washing machine is level. Simply check this with a spirit level. If it isn’t, your washer is prone to excessively vibrating which can cause it to move. This becomes problematic as it could cause damage to surrounding objects. To adjust your machine loosen the lock nut for the front legs. Make alterations until its level then secure by tightening the lock nut. You can check your manual for specific instructions for your appliance. If you experience any problems, contact a professional to remedy it efficiently.

Manhattan Residents Opt for Professional Washing Machine Repairs

To properly care for your machine, you will need to keep it clean. A damp cloth and a small amount of dish detergent can be used to wipe over all of the appliance’s surfaces. It is common for lint, hair and other small particles to clog up your washer. Clean the center tube of the agitator for a top loader. If you have a front loader, clean inside the door seal. For all minor and major repairs, contact the Appliance Doctor in NYC.

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