Not only do you need detergent for your dishwasher but you also require rinse aid. It can seem unnecessary to use two different products to clean your dishes. However, rinse aid enables your appliance to get the job done. This leaves you with cleaner dishes. If your dishwasher is no longer getting your dishes clean, use the Appliance Doctor for fast and expert repairs in the Bronx. Here are three reasons why you need rinse aid for your dishwasher.

Call the Appliance Doctor for Dishwasher Repairs in the Bronx

There’s an extra compartment for rinse aid in your machine because it’s essential. Detergent alone no longer gets the job done due to the Environmental Protection Agency regulating what they are allowed to contain. Rinse aid boosts the efficiency of your machine leaving you with cleaner and drier dishes than if you weren’t to use it. The Appliance Doctor can service your machine to ensure it is running efficiently.

Dishwasher Repair Is a Job for the Appliance Doctor

You also should use commercial rinse aid and avoid replacing it with vinegar. The acidity corrodes the rubber in the rinse aid dispenser. Aside from this, vinegar doesn’t work as effectively. It can provide a good backup if you run out of your regular product. Simply place a cup of vinegar on the top shelf when running a rinse cycle. However, rinse aid is a long term solution.

NYC can Rely on the Appliance Doctor for Dishwasher Repairs

If you have only used detergent and are happy with the results, then you don’t need to use rinse aid. However, if you find your dishes are still wet after a cycle or food remains on them, then you should consider adding this product. If you’re still not happy with your dishwasher, contact the Appliance Doctor to fix the problem.

Rinse aid is a necessary product to ensure your dishes are clean and dry after a cycle. Detergent serves a purpose. However, this product boosts the ability of your machine. It performs better than vinegar and doesn’t damage your appliance. If you are experiencing any issues with your dishwasher, contact the Appliance Doctor for expert repairs.

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