Most people leave their washing machines on 24/7 for convenience. When you need to put a load on, it’s ready to go. However, there are many reasons why this isn’t a good idea. If you have any issues with your washer, contact the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx to take a look. Here are our three top reasons why you should turn your washing machine off.

Turn Your Washing Machine Off to Avoid Repairs in the Bronx

With rising power bills you might be looking at ways you can save energy to save money. You can do this by switching off all of your appliances when they aren’t in use. With your washing machine, you should turn it off at the socket for the most savings. It’s unlikely that you use your washer all day and all night. It’s quick and easy to turn off when you’ve finished washing your loads. The Appliance Doctor has plenty of power saving tips for all of your appliances in the Bronx.

Contact the Appliance Doctor for Washing Machine Repair in Manhattan

You never usually know something is going to go wrong until it is too late. Returning to a flooded home is far from ideal. By turning your washing machine off and switching off the water valves, you can prevent potential water damage. Your hoses require replacing every five years to avoid faults; if you have any concerns contact the Appliance Doctor.

The Appliance Doctor is a Washing Machine Repair Specialist

If you are going on vacation, take the time to turn off all of your appliances including the washing machine. Turn off and unplug as well as turning off the water valves. This saves you from adding to your bills while you’re away. It can also spare you from coming home to a flooded laundry and house.

Ideally, you should turn off your washing machine after every use to reduce your energy consumption and avoid flooding. We highly recommend you turn your washer off when you go on vacation. For all washing machine repairs in Manhattan and the Bronx call the Appliance Doctor.


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