You might think when you’ve run out of dishwasher tablets that you need to fill up the sink and wash them manually. However this isn’t the case and you can still use your dishwasher. If your machine isn’t washing the dishes properly contact the Appliance Doctor for repairs in New York City. Here are 3 ways to wash your dishes if you’ve run out of dishwasher tablets.

The Appliance Doctor Can Come to You in New York City

If you’ve got baking soda and eucalyptus oil you can use these for up to four cycles before you need to get the real deal. Simply add 1T of baking soda and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the soap dispenser and set it to a hot cycle. Not only will it get your dishes clean but it will leave your home smelling amazing. It’s a great short term fix as after a while you may find your glasses start to go cloudy. If you have any questions about your dishwasher contact the Appliance Doctor whether you are located in White Plains, Bronx or Yonkers.

White Plains Residents Get Dishwasher Advice from the Appliance Doctor

Soapnuts and vinegar are a great way to temporarily clean your dishes. Simply pop a couple of soapnuts into a calico bag and place them into your cutlery rack. Pour white vinegar into the rinse aid section and this should last for up to three dishwasher cycles. If you are in White Plains you can contact the Appliance Doctor for fast repairs.

The Appliance Doctor Is the Dishwasher Expert in Yonkers

No rinse aid? No problem! Did you know that white vinegar is an excellent replacement? It naturally disinfects and deodorizes whilst leaving your dishes squeaky clean. Just pour in as you normally would with rinse aid. It also cleans your machine at the same time and is a cost effective alternative. If you don’t think your dishwasher is cleaning as it should the Appliance Doctor can help you if you’re based in Yonkers or anywhere in NYC.

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