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There are many components of a refrigerator that work together to keep its contents cold. Even the smallest problem can cause your entire refrigerator to stop functioning altogether. The problem could be minor or more complex; however, without the right knowhow you won’t be able to fix it. The Appliance Doctor has a team of experts waiting for your call in Yonkers. Here are 3 signs it’s time to get in contact for refrigerator repairs in Yonkers.

Refrigerator Repairs in Yonkers

When your refrigerator is running at its best you may notice the motor go on and off. This is perfectly normal and it’s only when it continuously runs that you should be concerned. Pay attention to your appliance and recognize if it hasn’t stopped running for an extended period. If you’ve recently changed the temperature, this may be the cause and you should wait 24 hours before being concerned. However, you should get it seen to if the motor keeps running for days. The Appliance Doctor can take a look and having it working efficiently once again.

Follow Refrigerator Advice from the Appliance Doctor

No matter how well your refrigerator works, all food will eventually go bad. However, if you’re food starts spoiling rapidly this should be cause for concern. If foods are going off before their use by date then the correct temperature is not being maintained. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. Anything from a quick fix to something more involved. Let the Appliance Doctor get to the bottom of it if you are in Yonkers.

Appliance Repairs Are Speedy in Yonkers

You may initially think you have spilled some water on the floor when in your refrigerator is leaking. Keep an eye out for water pooling from your refrigerator as this indicates there is definitely a problem. It may be a simple fix or a more complex procedure depending on the issue. To put a stop to all of your refrigerator problems in Yonkers call the Appliance Doctor.

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