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Dryers are really handy when the weather is bad or if you need something dried in a hurry. Air drying is your best option, however, not the most convenient. There are some things that you should never put in your dryer. If you need your dryer repaired get in contact with the Appliance Doctor. Here are 7 things you should keep out of your dryer.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Dryer Advice

It might be fairly obvious but anything with a label that has a warning against dryers should be left to air dry. There is a reason they attach this warning so its worthwhile checking your labels and adhering to their recommendations to keep your clothes in the best shape.

Anything made out of spandex such as bathing suits or dance costumes should avoid your dryer. The material can become compromised from the heat of the dryer. The same goes for pantyhose as they can shrink from the heat.

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Bath mat with rubber backing fit perfectly in your dryer but you should never put it in the dryer. Doing so could cause a fire which is obviously best avoided.

Dryers can take their toll on your clothes and you shouldn’t put anything too delicate in there. Bras, for example are too delicate for the heat as well as the rough tumbling process. The elasticity and shape may be compromised in a cycle. Ideally they should be laid flat to dry.

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Embellished items that use sequins or stones should avoid the dryer. The dryer will damage them and these pieces may also catch on other items in the dryer. Hang them out to dry for best results.

The dryer can also render your sneakers useless. The rubber may shrink, the cushioning could warp and the adhesive used to hold them together weakens.

Leaving out the above items from your dryer is the best way to keep them looking their best. If you encounter any problems with your dryer contact the Appliance Doctor.


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