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Refrigerators are well known for keeping food fresh and giving them a longer shelf life. However, this isn’t always the case and some foods fare better out of the refrigerator. If you notice any problems with your appliance get in touch with the Appliance Doctor who can come to you whether you are based in White Plains, Manhattan or the Bronx. No matter where you are based in New York City here are 4 foods you should keep out of your refrigerator.

Handy Refrigerator Tips from the Appliance Doctor

If you’ve ever eaten a tomato straight off the vine you’ll know how amazing they can taste. They love the heat when they’re growing and their dislike of the cold doesn’t stop when you bring them home. It’s not ideal to keep them in the refrigerator as they don’t stay at their peak freshness. Keep them out to enjoy them. Basil is also a heat lover and this extends to storage. The refrigerator causes it to wilt really quickly making it more likely to end up in the garbage. Store it on your counter top in fresh water for maximum freshness.

Get Your Refrigerator Repairs in NYC

Potatoes also don’t fare too well in the refrigerator. They like to be kept cool, but not as cool as your refrigerator. Put them in a cool, dark place, preferably in a paper bag to extend their life in your pantry. Onions should also stay out of your refrigerator as they need a dry environment like your pantry to develop their protective outer layer. You also need to make sure you keep them away from the potatoes as these can make onions rot quickly. Make sure your spot for them is airy, dry and dark.

For some foods it’s essential that they are stored in the refrigerator, however, this isn’t true for all foods. Tomatoes, basil, potatoes and onions are just 4 examples of food that should avoid the refrigerator. People all across NYC pop them in this cold environment every day; however, they are better if left out. If you have any concerns with your refrigerator, do not hesitate to contact the Appliance Doctor.

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