A leaking dishwasher isn’t a good sign and can cause damage to your flooring or counters. It is one of the most used appliances in New York homes. If you can’t fix the problem yourself contact the Appliance Doctor as they can repair it in no time. Here’s why your dishwasher may be leaking.

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There are several reasons your dishwasher could be leaking. The most common is when too much detergent has been used in the machine. This can provide a recurrent problem. If you add too much detergent, suds will form and the water that sprays your dishes will force them over the edge of the tub bottom where there is no seal. Suds will then leak out from the corner of the machine’s door. All you have to do is use less detergent. This is a simple fix you can do yourself. If you have any other issues with your dishwasher contact the Appliance Doctor.

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Other causes of leaks could be a faulty door gasket or other seals. If water is spraying towards the door bottom it could be due to a loose spray arm or cover. Identify if there is a bad fill vale or supply hose. The problem could even lie with a drain pump or motor gasket. There are so many reasons your dishwasher could be leaking so it’s best to leave it to the dishwasher repair experts to find the cause of the problem. The Appliance Doctor can get it fixed right away in NYC.

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If you have managed to repair the leak yourself you should be vigilant in monitoring the machine to ensure the leak has completely stopped. You could invest in a water leak detector and place in under the dishwasher to provide an early warning before any real damage can be done. This can end up saving you thousands in home repair. If you are worried the leak hasn’t stopped call the Appliance Doctor.

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