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When the weather cools down and there’s more rain expected it can be tempting to turn on the dryer. However, this drives your bills up and has a negative impact on the environment so you want to ensure your dryer is running efficiently. The Appliance Doctor can advise you on how to boost the efficiency of your dryer and fix any unexpected problems for customers all over New York City. Here are some handy tips to enhance your clothes dryer’s efficiency.

Dryer Repair in NYC Is Simple with the Appliance Doctor

A clothes dryer definitely comes in handy on rainy days but it’s important to minimize our carbon footprint. Firstly you should make sure you are not overloading your machine or leaving it on for too long as this uses a considerable amount of energy. Don’t waste energy and if you have any concerns about your dryer’s efficiency contact the Appliance Doctor.

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Putting wet clothes in the dryer is a big no-no. Even though the goal is to get them dry you should do your bit before putting them in your machine. Either partially dry the items on a clothes rack first or spin dry them in your washing machine on the maximum speed. Take the time to clean the lint filter. Its best to clear it to ensure your machine can be used safely. Empty the lint filter after every cycle for best results.

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If you can, vent the dryer externally to remove moisture from the room. Some dryers are not able to do this. You can however use the medium setting as opposed to high; even though it takes longer it uses considerably less energy. It also won’t wear out your clothes as quickly. If your dryer isn’t working properly get in touch with the Appliance Doctor

Following these simple tips can go a long way to maximizing your clothes dryer’s efficiency. The Appliance Doctor has the expertise to fix your dryer and other appliances.



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