You would think your washing machine would stay clean with hot soapy water running through it. However, this isn’t the case and there could be a few possible causes for your washing machine to smell. For any washing machine repairs, get in touch with the Appliance Doctor. Here are 3 reasons your washing machine smells.

The Appliance Doctor is a Washing Machine Repair Guru

Water can get trapped in the rubber door gasket, the detergent drawer or under the rim of a top loader. This can lead to the buildup of mold. To prevent this you can leave the lid or door open after use. You can also run a clean hand towel over the door, inside the rubber gasket and inside the detergent drawer if you have a front loader. For top loaders simply wipe under the rim and agitator. Repeat this after every load. For any other washing machine problems contact the Appliance Doctor.

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Mold can also grow if you use too much detergent as the excess suds provide the ideal place for it to grow. This problem is more common in front loaders due to using less water for higher efficiency. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for correct use. If your machine isn’t working efficiently call the Appliance Doctor.

White Plains Residents Rely on the Appliance Doctor for Washing Machine Repair

The problem could lie with the drain pipe as all the dirt from your clothes is drained out of the machine. Once per month the drain pump filter should be cleaned to prevent providing the perfect environment for mold. Drain the water out and then remove the filter for cleaning. There may be a smelly buildup. The Appliance Doctor can help with washing machine repairs all over NYC.

Whether residual water, too much detergent or the drain pipe is causing your washing machine to smell you can have these cleaned straightaway. If you can’t get to the source of the problem get in contact with the Appliance Doctor for all of your washing repair needs.



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