The double drawer dishwasher is a flexible appliance which can suit your needs. They work just as hard and can fit in just as much as a standard dishwasher. Any problems you have with your dishwasher will be quickly remedied by your local Appliance Doctor team in Manhattan. Here are some of the benefits of a double drawer machine.

The Appliance Doctor Specializes in Dishwasher Repair

The team at the Appliance Doctor understands that you want to maximize your dish washing capacity. Filling your dishwasher up keeps your energy and water consumption costs down. If you struggle to fill your standard machine you could give a double drawer alternative a whirl. You can fill just one of the drawers then set and forget. In the meantime you don’t need to let your dishes stack up on the bench you can start filling the other section.

Contact the Appliance Doctor to Fix Your Dishwasher in Manhattan

Having two drawers doesn’t mean you lose any of the effectiveness and they fare well against their standard options. Double drawer machines can fit in just as much as a standard model. Plus you have the added benefit of being able to run smaller loads without compromising on water and energy use.

The Appliance Doctor Can Attend to Your Repair Needs in Manhattan

Double dishwashers offer you flexibility as there may be occasions when you have large loads and you load them both up. Plus you could save money when you don’t by just using one of the drawers. One size doesn’t fit all and you can run each compartment on a different wash cycle if you choose. Gentle cycles are to be used for your china and crystal whilst a more vigorous cycle would be suited to your pots and pans. With a standard model you would either have to put them all on the same cycle or put on two half loads which is uneconomical.

Double drawer dishwashers fit in with your lifestyle minimizing your energy and water costs and providing you with wash cycle choices. No matter what type of machine you use the Appliance Doctor is on hand for repairs in Manhattan.

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