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Sure they make your laundry smell divine, but can dryer sheets really impact your dryer? The sheets could be affecting the operating efficiency of your machine causing your energy bills to rocket. If you have any dramas with your dryer in New York City, contact the Appliance Doctor team. Here are three ways these laundry products can affect your machine.

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Dryer sheets smell amazing but they leave a chemical residue behind. This can clog the screen of the lint filter. This stops the air flow causing your machine to not work effectively and costing you more in running costs. A common mistake made by users all across New York. It’s important for the efficiency of the machine to regularly rinse the lint filter to get rid of the residue.

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Get into the habit of removing the sheet after each wash so that they don’t get stuck in the lint filter. If you don’t it presents as a fire hazard so it’s best to be vigilant. If you have any problems with your dryer give New York’s Appliance Doctor a call.

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The residue from dryer sheets can interfere with the electronic moisture sensor. It doesn’t register that your laundry is dry and continues running using unnecessary energy. If your bills seem unusually high this laundry product could be the suspect due to lengthy drying times. Give it a clean and if you’re still out of luck, get in touch with the experts at the Appliance Doctor in New York City.

Laundry sheets cause all sorts of problems for your dryer. Is the smell worth the damage? Wasting energy causing bills to soar and even presenting a fire risk are just some of the ways this product can impact your machine. Don’t delay in contacting the Appliance Doctor in NYC if you have any problems with your dryer.

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