How to Fireproof Your Dryer

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How to Fireproof Your Dryer

When homeowners buy their appliances, they need to keep them in a good state of repair if they are to continue running efficiently and last as long as possible. After all, dryer repair in Manhattan can be both costly and inconvenient. However, dryers also present a small risk of fire if you use them incorrectly. Here’s everything you need to know to prevent that from happening.

Manhattan Dryer Repair Helps Prevent Fires

Firstly, make sure that you have your dryer installed by a professional. You might think that you can handle the task, but a small mistake can be costly. Once the dryer has actually been installed, remember to clean the lint filter regularly, preferably before and after every single use.

You should also frequently check around the drum for any lint that might have accumulated inside. Once a year, have a professional clean the lint out of your vent pipe, or more often if your clothes are taking noticeably longer than normal to dry.

Call the Appliance Doctor for Dryer Repair in Manhattan

If you have a gas dryer, the importance of seeking annual professional servicing increases dramatically; you need to know that the gas line and connection are intact and leak-free. However, one thing you can do yourself is check the electrical cord every few months. Any signs of tearing or significant wear indicate the need for a professional check-up. It’s also imperative that you never leave your dryer running when you are either away from the home or sleeping.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Dryer Repair

Finally, avoid placing any items in the dryer that may have come into contact with flammable liquids, such as cooking oils, gasoline, alcohol, or paint thinner. This can be easy to do if you use a rag or washcloth to clean up such a substance, so stay vigilant.

Failing to pay attention to these tips could only cost you a normally functioning dryer, but the risks actually run far higher. If you ever see the need for a professional, do the right thing and call the Appliance Doctor.

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