Why Using Your Oven’s Self-Cleaning Feature Could Ruin it

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A self-cleaning feature? Well, that sounds like the best thing ever, right? Unfortunately, this is an all too common misconception. Plenty of ovens come with self-cleaning functions these days, but that often just leads to the need for oven repair in Yonkers, Manhattan, the Bronx, and all across New York City. Here’s why you should avoid using it.

The Appliance Doctor is an Oven Repair Guru

The team at the Appliance Doctor know all about the problems that come along with self-cleaning ovens – after all, they’re responsible for most of the oven repairs in Yonkers. People often have no idea what went wrong, but it’s usually the fault of the self-cleaning feature. That’s because those self-cleaning routines will heat the oven up to temperatures than can easily reach over 1000 degrees, and not every part of your oven can withstand such heat.

The Appliance Doctor’s Oven Advice

That might sound slightly stupid. Ovens, after all, are built precisely to withstand a high degree of heat! Unfortunately, the elements of your oven should really only ever get to between the 350° to 500° range during normal baking. The self-cleaning function’s vastly higher temperature is needed to scorch off all the goo inside your oven, but the heating elements hidden behind the drip shields are difficult to ventilate, meaning that heat becomes trapped and begins to damage internal components, often popping fuses and burning out the electricals.

Find Oven Repair in Yonkers      

This flaw is actually something that manufacturers know about, but they still have to include self-cleaning functions since consumers have begun to see them as a necessity. Of course, it’s easy to just switch the function on instead of cleaning the oven manually, but it’s worth remembering that broken interior components will be both tricky and expensive to repair, usually requiring the entire oven to be pulled out from the wall.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to experience such a fault before reading this advice, go ahead and call the Appliance Doctor for oven repairs in Yonkers and across New York. They should be able to reach you the same day that you call.

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