Things You Should Never Put in Your Washing Machine

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Nobody likes having to seek out washing machine repair in New York City. It doesn’t matter how quickly a professional repair company like the Appliance Doctor can reach your home and fix the problem, it’s just always much better to avoid any issues in the first place. When it comes to washing machines, this is easy. That’s because most washing machine repairs in New York City are down to people putting the wrong things inside their model. The solution is simple: learn what should never go inside and then act accordingly.

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The most common washing machine offender is the humble coin. That might sound unlikely since everyone knows that you shouldn’t put coins in your washing machine, but not enough people know how bad the effects can be. That means that they don’t bother to check their pockets properly. Unfortunately, coins get throw about easily and can quickly beat up the drum or get stuck in one of the moving parts. Both issues can necessitate an expensive repair job, and coins can even shatter the glass of front-loading machines. Keys can cause the same problems – and washing machines can destroy an automatic locking key fob – so make sure you go through those pockets.

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Of course, even clothes can damage a washing machine. Most garments are naturally fine, but one big no-no is lingerie. For a start, your washing machine will quickly ruin any lingerie that you choose to wash in one, but even worse are the potential problems caused by their hooks and wires. Like coins, these can cause damage to the washing machine’s drum.

The Appliance Doctor’s Guide to Washing Machine Health

It’s also worth remembering that ‘too much laundry’ is really the worst thing to put in your machine; the weight will place significant stress on the machine, often causing serious damage.

Remember, washing machine repairs are always inconvenient, so make sure to pay heed to this advice. If anything does go wrong, contact one of the friendly team at the Appliance Doctor without delay.

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