How to Remove a Dent from a Stainless Steel Refrigerator

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A refrigerator always represents a large investment, especially if you opt for a stainless steel model. Unfortunately, a random bump could give yours a nasty dent, something that will be all too apparent thanks to the shiny and reflective surface. Of course, you don’t want to have to replace the door, and certainly don’t need to start thinking about replacing the whole unit. Instead just use this easy method to avoid refrigerator repair in White Plains.

Call Appliance Doctor for White Plains Refrigerator Repair

Firstly, you’ll need to collect a few things: a hairdryer, a washcloth, rubber gloves, and dry ice. Dry ice might seem like an expensive option, but you can get it for around $2 a pound if you call around – that’s certainly a lot less than a whole new fridge! Now that you have everything together, start by cleaning the dented area of your refrigerator. This is chiefly to let yourself see the dent more clearly, but it also stops any dirt or food particles from negatively impacting the dent removal process. Just use a soft cloth to remove any existing grime or marks from the dent and the section around it.

You’re now ready to use the hairdryer. Use it to heat up the perimeter of the dented area, using the medium setting to avoid overheating the metal. All it should take is 30 seconds to 1 minute. It’s best to start with less time and then build up if necessary. After using the hairdryer, place thick, heavy-duty rubber gloves on both hands to protect yourself from frostbite while handling the dry ice, then pick up a shard in a piece of suede cloth – this will stop the stainless steel getting scratched as you use the dry ice.

Softly press the dry ice at the center of the dented zone, then rub it gently around the perimeter in a circular motion. Continue doing so for around 1 full minute. The dent should pop and disappear due to the rapid change in temperature. It might take a few tries, so just repeat until the job has been accomplished. It might be that the dent placed a crease in the metal. This will most likely remain, but it should be less noticeable than it was before.

The Appliance Doctor Can Assist with Refrigerator Repair in White Plains

It’s nice to know that cosmetic problems such as a dent in a stainless steel fridge can easily be corrected without calling a professional, but it’s also nice to remember that you can contact the Appliance Doctor for anything more serious.

The team know refrigerators of all brands inside and out, so they’re expertly placed to take care of more pressing issues. Even better, they should be able to reach you the very day that you call, they bring everything they need to fix most appliance problems without having to remove the unit in question from your home.

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