The Appliance Doctor Knows How to Extend Your Microwave’s Life

The Appliance Doctor has been repairing microwaves in New York City for decades, and has developed a total understanding of both what tends to make them break and how to prevent those breakdowns from occurring.

Appliance Doctor Tip 1: Press Stop

Most microwave failures relate to overheated capacitors, switches, and fuses. These parts only cost a couple of dollars, but they’re tricky to replace, so a professional is almost always required. Luckily, there’s an easy way to stop them from burning out: press the stop button before opening the door. Allot of people open the door while the microwave is still running, which can often cause overheating. If you need to open the door before the timer has finished, make sure you press the stop button, wait for a few seconds, and then open the door.

Appliance Doctor Tip 2: Keep it Clean

Remember, a clean microwave is a happy microwave. These machines are famed for their convenience and lack of maintenance requirements, but most people don’t understand that they still need to be cleaned regularly if they’re going to last as long as possible. Make sure you wipe down the inside of your model every week or so to stop filters from getting clogged. Doing so can add years to your microwave’s life.

Appliance Doctor Tip 3: Shut the Door

The first part of a microwave to burn out will almost always be the lightbulb. This doesn’t affect the microwave’s performance, and you’ll probably need to replace it eventually anyway, but it makes sense to help each lightbulb last longer. After all, not being able to see your food makes it more likely to either boil over or not cook thoroughly. Most models will keep the light on for however long you leave the door open, so just make sure that you close it fully after use, or between uses.

Following these tips will help your microwave last as long as possible, and reduce the likelihood of your appliance needing to be repaired. Of course, accidents can still happen, so contact the Appliance Doctor if your microwave does experience a problem.

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