How to Keep Your Oven Clean

Appliance Doctor AS Seen On TVCleaning your oven is never the nicest task in the world. Not only is it a dull and frustrating job in itself, you’ll also need to let it air out before you do any cooking. Unfortunately, this job isn’t one you can avoid. In fact, a particularly dirty oven might eventually even require you to look for oven repair in New York City, so it’s well worth making sure the oven stays spick and span.

Prevent Drips

One of the most common ways which people keep their ovens clean involves simply placing a drip tray or lining of foil on the bottom. There’s a reason why this is so popular: it’s an incredibly effective way of keeping the oven clean with minimal effort. However, it’s usually better to use an actual tray – foil can sometimes get too hot.

Stop Overflows

Additionally, place anything which might overflow onto a separate tray. So, if you’re planning to cook a lasagna, put the baking dish on top of a flat tray. Anything which overflows can be easily cleaned without messing up the oven itself. If you’re also worried that the food in question might splatter, cover the top over with a piece of tin foil, making sure it covers the dish without getting anywhere close to the sides of the oven.

Keep on it

Finally, if there are any slight spills then be sure to get rid of them right away instead of waiting until the main clean. Getting rid of something as soon as it happens is next to effortless compared to the arduous ordeal of scraping caked-on food from the bottom of your oven. If that does occur, one method of pre cleaning is to place a boiling pan of water inside the oven for around 15 minutes. The steam will loosen things up.

Get the Best Oven Repair in New York City

Keeping your oven clean pays dividends in the long run. Of course, you should always ensure that the oven is working well. If you have any cause for wondering whether something is wrong with it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Appliance Doctor today. After offering oven repair in New York City for years, their technicians know everything about keeping yours running and offer a scheduled maintenance plan to give you piece of mind.

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