How to Keep Your Washing Machine Running Smoothly

By the time people begin looking for washing machine repair in New York City, it’s usually too late for any general maintenance tips to solve the problem. Reliable repair specialists like the Appliance Doctor can often fix your washing machine the very same day you get in contact, so hassle is minimal, but most people would naturally rather have avoided the problem in the first place. Luckily, maintaining your machine is extremely easy.

Carry out Regular Inspections

Taking the time to look over your washing machine every couple of weeks allows you to spot potential problems ahead of time. Pay particular attention to hoses and fittings. Split hoses are often the cause of a broken machine, and could mean coming home to a flooded utility room. Fixtures can easily corrode and start to drip water. You can usually replace these small problems yourself with relative ease.

Keep Things on the Level

Ever had a washing machine that likes to travel across the room from the force of its own vibrations? That’s often down to heavy or uneven loads, but it could be that the machine’s feet aren’t properly aligned. To make sure that this isn’t the case, use a carpenter’s level to adjust them to the point at which the machine is completely level. Those vibrations aren’t just annoying; they can wreck your washing machine. Ignore this problem at your peril.

Schedule Regular Service Calls

You can always do your bit to keep a washing machine working at peak performance, but there are some things only professionals can see. For example, some of the technicians at the Appliance Doctor have been working with them for over 20 years, enough time to develop a sixth sense for washing machine problems. People like this can give the machine a quick once over, removing the front cover and ensuring that everything is up to scratch.

Benefit from the Finest Washing Machine Repair in New York City

Of course, if your washing machine still exhibits signs that something might be wrong, it would be foolish not to contact the Appliance Doctor right away. As an experienced provider of washing machine repair in New York City, we’ll be able to pinpoint the problem in seconds, and then solve it. If it’s something preventable, we’ll let you know how to change your washing habits to keep the same problem from occurring again.

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