Showing Gratitude For PSA and the 2013 NASC Convention

The Appliance Doctor: Showing Gratitude For PSA and the 2013 NASC Convention

Few things are more humbling to the human spirit than the devastating ramifications of a hurricane. Sandy’s recent onslaught devastated several states along the eastern coast of the nation. Particularly hard hit were those living in Staten Island and southern and central New Jersey as well as Maryland where many lost power (and water) for weeks.

For the Appliance Doctor, with offices both in the Bronx and Manhatttan, business accelerated at a frantic pace, as many of his customers below 32nd Street had no power at all for too long a period of time. This forced the realization that we must all stick together both when battling the wrath of hurricanes and in good weather.

The Professional Service Administration (PSA) also known as the “voice of the independent service industry” has been a mainstay of support to Appliance Doctor chief of staff, Anthony, and his well-trained appliance repair technicians. PSA’s focus has always been to identify problems and provide solutions within this industry, which it does by providing educational training, certification, business management training and support.

Anthony has been a member for years and backs PSA all the way. To show his gratitude, from December 1 through January 5, for every member who signs up for the National Appliance Service Convention (NASC) slated for January 7-10, 2013 in Miami, he will donate $50 to PSA. Those interested must remember to use the promo code, which is DOCTOR when they sign up. This will automatically reduce annual membership costs from $475 to $425.

Making the up-and-coming convention a display of good will and solidarity is the goal for Anthony and his appliance repair team. In business for more than three decades, The Appliance Doctor is always available to his customers and can be reached 24/7 every day of the week at 1800 339-0353.

Happy holiday to all and to all (and their appliances) a good night.

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