Oven Repair

Look Before You Fix and Beware

No matter how intimidating they may look, gas and electric ranges and ovens operate fairly simply, and malfunctions are usually easy to repair because the components are designed for quick disassembly. In the case of gas ranges, the culprit can usually be found within the gas supply and ignition either in the burners or the oven itself (or both). Faulty heating elements are often to blame for electric range malfunctions. Generally speaking, proper maintenance and regular servicing can help to prevent larger and more costly appliance repair problems.

You may end up having to leave the solution to an appliance repair professional such as the Appliance Doctor if you live in the New York and/or Westchester area. First take a look at what’s going on to assess the problem. Before you do anything, make sure the range is unplugged and/or the power from the circuit breaker is turned off. You must use extreme caution because you are working with 220 volts. If you don’t take this precaution, you may experience the counter effects of that age-old question: What does this button do?

Like all things in life, some problems are simpler than others. If your oven temperature does not appear to be correct, the first thing to do is check the controls to ensure they are properly set. While you are there, make sure the temperature switch is also set to where you want it. If you can’t find the source of the problem, you will need to call in an appliance repair specialist.

If your oven will not heat to the desired temperature or if it heats unevenly, the door gasket may be defective and need replacing. Whether you tread on your own here or call for appliance repair reinforcements is up to you. You can tell if you need a new gasket by passing your hand in front of the door being careful not to touch it while the oven is turned on. If you can feel heat escaping, the time has come to replace the gasket.

If you are feeling brave and want to install a new gasket by yourself, remember to begin the replacement at the top of the doorframe and work your way down along the sides. Ease it around the corners and finish at the bottom at which time the ends of the gasket should firmly join together. If you have your doubts about this, don’t even try it; call the professionals at Appliance Doctor for a quick solution to this problem.

Appliance Doctor is there 24/7 every day of the week to solve all your appliance repair needs. Call them and tell them the problem; they are there to listen. You can reach chief of staff, Anthony, anytime at 1800 339-0353 or 914 968-1510 or visit him online at www.ApplianceDoctorX.com.

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