LG Recalls Top-Loading Washing Machines

Last month, LG, in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of their top-loading washing machines. These machines have indicated safety issues when they have unbalanced loads as this situation can cause the washing machine to shake excessively and the drum to come loose.

Consumers should be aware that loading machines with items such as mattress pads, mattress covers and similar water-resistant items increases the chances of loads being unbalanced.

This poses a definite risk of injury and property damage. To make matters even more urgent, LG has to date received more than 340 complaints of washing machines vibrating excessively. More than 180 of these cases resulted in minor property damage and in one case, minor injury.

There are about 457,000 of these LG and Kenmore Elite top loading washing machines out there. It is believed that various models of these machines were sold at retailers nationwide between April of 2010 and December of 2012. If you have such a machine and have experienced excessive shaking during operation, stop using it immediately and call LG to schedule free home repair.

It is important for the consumer to know which washing machines have been recalled. The model and serial number of each machine can be found on a label fixed on the rating plate on the top back of the appliance.

Be on the lookout for appliances that have the following model and serial number ranges:

LG Models

Kenmore Elite

The LG models were purchased at: Best Buy, Home Depot, Kmart, Sears and local retailers nationwide. The Kenmore Elite models were sold at Kmart and Sears. All the machines were sold between April 2010 and December 2012 within the price range of $899 and $1,099.

If you have any doubts as to whether your machine needs to be recalled, telephone: 1-888-812-2935. For LG washers bought at Sears or Kmart or call 1-855-400-4639 for LG washers purchased at any retailer.

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