Washing Machine Malfunction: What Can You Do?

Washing Machine Repair

A washing machine, just like any other appliance can have its share of problems that may be beyond the purview of the average appliance owner. Some problems can be fixed rather easily such as replacing a valve filter or freeing a trapped inlet hose, but others, such as a blocked pressure system that causes the machine to overflow will more than likely require an appliance repair specialist to correct.

When the pressure system on a washing machine is blocked, it can enter what is known as a “pressurized state.” This means in layman’s terms that the machine thinks that it is full of water when it really isn’t. The pressure system controls the water levels and repairing this by yourself can result in knowing how to swim well (or at least float).

Sometimes, but not very often, the solution may lie with replacing a faulty pressure switch. This switch is manually operated and usually offers a range of three settings: low, medium and high. Each setting alters the threshold of pressure and the higher it is directed, the more air will have to be shifted and the higher the level of the water.

Overfilling can be the result of a hole in the pressure chamber tubing. This type of problem can be really serious and you should consider calling for reinforcements because appliance repair specialists know what they are doing and what consequences to expect.

You will have to make a judgment call on whether or not to call in an appliance repair specialist. When weighing the options, don’t forget to consider the ramifications in terms of costs that can occur if the job is done incorrectly and the damage to your home. The best thing to do is to check out various places with stellar reputations; ask your neighbors and friends. The chances are that if they live in the New York, Bronx or Westchester areas, they will recommend the folks at Appliance Doctor. In business for more than three decades, Chief of Staff, Anthony, and his highly trained technicians are like the Boys Scouts; always prepared for any appliance repair emergency.

The Appliance Doctor on average makes 60 service calls per day, and each technician is highly competent, as he must complete 35 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of hands-on training a year in order to qualify for the Appliance Doctor team. Anthony and his staff are available 24/7 and can be reached by calling 1 800 339-0353.

So tell your washing machine to behave. Otherwise, it may receive a visit from the Appliance Doctor and never be the same again

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