Washing Dishes In Hard Water: Problems and Solutions

The staff at Appliance Doctor receives many questions about appliance repair in general and washing dishes in hard water in particular. The problem is the cumulative affect of the hard water’s mineral content, which gets deposited both on dishware and inside the dishwasher over periods of extended use.

This problem occurs most often in certain portions of the United States and Canada where hard water is a persistent issue, and there finally is a product available on the market that will prevent hard water deposits on dishware and reduce the need for dishwasher repair. It is called Power Up Booster Agent, a FINISH additive that works wells with your choice of detergent and will produce dishes so clean and shiny they will appear to be new.

The Booster Agent does exactly what its name implies; it contains agents (double and otherwise) that fight all kinds of stains ranging from minor spots and residue to serious hard-water film and mineral buildup in your dishwasher. This product is not a one-trick pony, so to speak, and appliance Doctor heartily recommends its use for hard water problems in your dishwasher.

Finish Power Up Dishwashing Booster picks up where your detergent leaves off in terms of being too weak or ineffectual in fighting stubborn spots and residue. It is highly adaptable and removes hard water film and really tough stains, such as tea. It is also a safe product for septic systems, which is a very important factor.

The Appliance Doctor services many brands of dishwashers throughout the New York area and Finish products worldwide are the best available for solving dishwasher problems. Consumers should know however, that this product can be an eye and skin irritant if not used properly and should be kept out of the reach of children. It is also not recommended for use on painted glassware, painted mugs, aluminum, enamel-coated silverware or fine china.

You should not use this product with liquid bleach detergent and it works best if you fill up the pre-wash chamber and pour that same amount directly onto the bottom of the machine.

Appliance Doctor is there to help. If your dishwasher still won’t behave, give them a call at 1-800-339-0353. If you prefer, you can also go to their website at: www.appliancedoctorx.com and check out their monthly television show at: www.appliancedoctortv.com.

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