The Appliance Doctor’s Mediterranean Tour

The Appliance Doctor’s Mediterranean Tour

It is extremely rare for The Appliance Doctor to not be on duty, as appliance repair is his primary focus and takes up much of his time. But even the most dedicated worker needs a vacation, and for chief of Staff, Anthony at Appliance Doctor, the time for a trip to southern Europe finally became a reality earlier this summer.

The trip included stays in several vital Italian cities such as Rome, Naples, Venice, Catania, Sicily and Florence. There he visited all the stunning landmarks that define Italian culture and history. In Rome, he viewed the statue of Victor Emmanuel, the enormous white marble monument built 150 years ago in the Piazza Venezia as a tribute to the first King of a united Italy, Victor Emmanuel II.

Anthony and his beloved wife of 30 years, Alicia, also visited the Coliseum (Amphi-theater) of ancient Rome, which is considered to be one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering. Here the ghosts of gladiators and their public spectacles still linger in the air and nearby in St Peter’s Square, they stood where the pope speaks to the public on Sunday afternoons whenever he is in town.

In Florence, the churches were breathtaking to behold, especially St. John the Baptist with its beautiful interior embellishments.

The couple also traveled to Greece for the very first time, stopping at Santorini to converse with locals and cruising to Croatia with a chatty boat captain. Anthony kept a photo journal recording the special moments of his trip. There was no time for appliances and/or appliance repair during this scenic vacation that transported Anthony and his wife to a total of four countries: Italy, Greece, Spain and Croatia.

If your appliances are giving you a hard time, Anthony has returned home from his scenic tour of southern Europe and is now available to help you as always. You need an appliance repair specialist to put those naughty appliances in their place and he and his experienced staff of 13 technicians are just a phone call away.

You can always find the chief of staff, Anthony Attanasio at Appliance Doctor aiding customers and offering the best appliance repair service available at 1 800 339 0353. He can also be reached via his website: website: and seen on his monthly TV show:

If you want to see him in person, you can visit his at either of his two offices at: 171A McLean Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10705.

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