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In July of last year, Consumer Reports rated three of Bosch’s dishwashers in the top ten, with the Evolution 500 being the best. Bosch appliances, generally speaking, are top-of-the-line and the Evolution 500 is its pride and joy priced at about $850.

For Anthony, chief of staff at Appliance Doctor and authorized Bosch factory service repair provider, his friends in the business of appliance sales can offer the best prices for various models of Bosch dishwashers and other appliances throughout the New York metropolitan area, including the Bronx and Westchester.

These stores are scattered throughout the different neighborhoods of New York City and Westchester and they carry the best that Bosch has to offer the consumer. The Appliance Doctor recommends all of the following stores if you are in the market for a new dishwasher.

Royal Green is the place to go in Westchester and it is located on East Coast Road in White Plains. In Manhattan, there are four outlets; Gringer’s in Lower Manhattan which features a large showroom; Krups Kitchen and Bath on Wes 18th Street where you can find not only the “best of Bosch” but also a fascinating collection of vintage refrigerators; RCI on the Upper West Side at West 97th Street and Bosch Bath and Kitchen on the East Side.

If buying a new dishwasher or a stove is not financially possible, Anthony stresses that there may still be hope for the dishwasher or stove that already lives in your home. Appliance Doctor has been in the business of appliance repair of all kinds for 33 years and his staff of thirteen highly-trained technicians service over 400 buildings in Manhattan alone!

So if your dishwasher or stove is giving you a hard time and needs to be put in its place (wherever that may be) give the folks at Appliance Doctor a jingle at 1800 339 0353, check out their website at or watch them tell you what they can do at;

Don’t despair.

Help is on the way and… is just a phone call away.

800 339-0353

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