Washing Machine Repair

Even if your washing machine isn’t getting your clothes as clean as it used to, it may not be time to call for professional appliance repair just yet. The problem could be as simple as giving your washer a proper cleaning!
Oftentimes what is mistaken as a broken washing machine is really just a dirty machine. Follow these easy cleaning steps before calling for washing machine repair.

1. Make sure that the inlet hose filter is not clogged. This filter is responsible for keeping minerals and other particles in your water from getting into the washing machine. When the filter isn’t clear, you’ll get poor water flow into the machine and therefore, dirty clothes!

2. To get a clean washer tub without using harsh chemicals, pour two cups of vinegar in the washer and run a complete washing cycle using the hottest temperature. The vinegar and hot water will break down any buildup from detergents, softeners, and dirt.

3. Soak all detergent, bleach and fabric softener dispensers in warm water and scrub off any excess build up if necessary. Dry them thoroughly before putting them back in the machine.

Repairing your washing machine

After trying these cleaning tips, your washing machine should be producing loads of clean, fresh smelling clothes. If it’s still not getting your clothes as clean as it used to, there may be another problem. In the event that a freshly cleaned washing machine still isn’t working, call the Appliance Doctor to diagnose and fix the problem!

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