Microwave Oven Repair

Microwave repair is one of the most dangerous appliance repair jobs, despite their small size and functionality as a countertop appliance. Issues with your microwave that could require repair include a broken revolving tray, uneven cooking, lack of heat, sparking and unresponsive buttons.

These issues can be a tough fix. Therefore, it is important that if you need microwave repair, it is best not to attempt to fix it on your own. Microwaves are high voltage appliances that can deliver a fatal shock, even when unplugged. An Appliance Doctor Technician is the best solution to identify the exact problem with your microwave.

There are however some things that don’t involve disassembling your device that could fix your problems.

Repairing your microwave

A sparking microwave is a serious but common problem. If your microwave is sparking it could be due to grease and food build up. Wash out your microwave with a warm sponge and detergent to clean out any grease that may have accumulated. Also, if your microwave includes a cooking rack, sparks may be signs that it is loose.
If you have a chip inside your microwave, it could be a much bigger problem than just aesthetics. The crack could be leaking radiation. Call the Appliance Doctor to have it tested. Most problems that result in the microwave ceasing to work can be easily fixed by replacing a part. A technician can easily replace a fan motor, or internal switch and have your microwave running like new!

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