Broken Refrigerator in a College Dorm = Funny Home Appliance Repair Video Blog

Broken refrigerator? You’re not the only one with a desperate need for home appliance repair, according to The Appliance Doctor’s new video.

The Appliance Doctor has been having fun creating their YouTube commercials lately. Taking a cue from what commonly goes viral, The Appliance Doctor has captured a one-minute clip of a college student with a webcam, ranting to the Internet about his broken refrigerator.

While there are many actual videos out there of young people exposing their angst to anyone on the internet who is willing to listen, there are few sponsored commercials playing upon the trend.

Broken refrigerator!? Help me now, Appliance Doctor!

And now a brief summary of the Appliance Doctor’s take on how a sad college student realizes he needs a home appliance repair for his broken refrigerator:

A broken refrigerator? Devastation sets in on college kid. Within his first few moments of heartbreak, he does not yet realize that his broken refrigerator can be fixed by calling for a simple home appliance repair.

Filled with inner torment, college kid complains to his webcam about how he woke up that morning and his refrigerator was warm. All he knows is that he needs home appliance repair for his broken refrigerator… but how can he get that?

“All my beer is now warm, my ice cream is all melted and I don’t know who to call!” he says to the camera. “My parents… they are actually going to kill me, you know” he says, with hopeless, sad eyes.

With his head in his hands he takes a minute to compose himself; to consider what home appliance repair options he has for his broken refrigerator, in his university dorm room.

“Wait!” He exclaims. “I think I can call The Appliance Doctor! The Appliance Doctor! Help me! Help me!”

You thought right, college kid– The Appliance doctor can fix any broken refrigerator!

The Appliance Doctor is always ready to fix any broken refrigerator, whether it is a mini fridge in a college dorm or an industrial size. In fact, the Appliance Doctor is always ready for any home appliance repair in NYC, Westchester County or the Bronx.

Broken refrigerator!? Help me now, Appliance Doctor!

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