NYC Oven Repair Experts Reveal the Common Mistakes You Are Making That Can Destroy Your Oven

An oven is one of the critical kitchen appliances that you should handle with care. However, several activities during operation and maintenance may lead to unintentional damages.

As you probably know, abrasive cleaners are not recommended when cleaning your oven because they can cause damage to the enamel. Later on, you will notice your oven starts to malfunction.

So, what are the common mistakes you should avoid when using or cleaning the oven? According to the NYC repair oven experts, you should avoid the following:

Not Waiting for the Oven to Preheat 

Allow your oven to preheat before letting it perform its job, whether you want to roast a chicken or bake cookies. Beware that cooking times are according to a fully-heated oven. If you put the tray too early in the oven, you may end up with prebaked cookies or pre-cooked meat.

Not Using the Oven Light 

Do you have a habit of opening the oven door when checking the food? If yes, you need to stop that habit. Your oven becomes a 50° degrees cooler every time you open your oven door. Once the heat keeps losing, the food will not cook the way it should. Rather than opening your open from time to time, try peeking at the food with the oven light.

Adding Foil to the Oven’s Bottom 

Some people add foil to their oven’s bottom part, thinking that it can make future cleaning easier. If you do it also, you are blocking the airflow and interfering with the heating element. As a result, your oven becomes faulty, or you need to call an oven repair NYC technician to perform a recalibration. Instead of adding foil, ensure to simply clean your oven regularly by wiping it down using a damp washcloth.

Neglecting the Exposed Rusted Coating on the Racks 

Rust on the oven racks can damage your baking dishes. Plus, rust chips can also cause the racks to catch fire. Once you notice splotchy and brownish rust stains, get a nonabrasive scouring pad and make a solution of vinegar and soapy water to clean them. It will help soften the rusty flakes while prolonging the oven racks’ lifespan.

Putting Multiple Pans in the Oven 

If you think putting multiple baking pans at a time will cause no harm to your oven, you need to think twice now. While it is a lot easier than putting a pan one by one, you prevent the cookies from baking evenly. If you’re baked goods are cooked unevenly when you put several trays in the oven, it is better to put them in one baking sheet at a time.


Without an oven, it’s hard to enjoy baked goods and roasted meats from the comfort of your home. That is why it is essential to practice good habits when using the appliance. Plus, you can prevent regular oven repair NYC.

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