Signs Your Freezer May Need Repair

Problems with fridges can be a serious pain. From getting space to store all the food, down to trying to determine the ones to be thrown out. Handling all this with a broken fridge can put a serious kink in your day. Before you think of calling for a fridge repair in Yonkers, you should take a look at some common problems to determine if your freezer may be closer to the end of its lifespan or try to determine what might be the cause of the problem. By discovering this problem early, you can avoid the drama of having a broken fridge.


If your fridge is making an unusual noise, it might be a result of the fan motor of the evaporator which needs replacement. Pay attention to the sound that your fridge makes when it is functioning properly, and compare it to anytime UT changes. Aside from the cause stated above, it can be caused by the water dispenser or the ice maker.


It is worrisome to see a fridge leaking water. It is either the defrost drain has frozen which leads to water on the floor. That way you’ll have to defrost and clean the drain to fix the problem. Nevertheless, there are other related causes such as having an ice dispensing fridge. This way, you’ll have to check the water line that is around the shutoff to know if it needs to be changed. The condensation pan might also be overfilling which leads to leaking of water. There are a lot of problems that can cause leaking of water from your fridge some of which you can determine yourself. You’ll want to call an expert for fridge repair Yonkers to look into the issue.


If the amount of frost in your fridge is in excess, in most cases as this, the defroster heater needs to be replaced. In other instances, it could be as a result of the freezer door not being properly closed, it could also be as a result of setting the temperature of the fridge very low or an issue related to the evaporator coil. In cases as this, you can do it yourself, you need a professional to assist you.


This issue often comes up before the fridge stops working altogether. There might be a need for you to replace the defrost thermostat, and also to make sure that you put in enough product in the freezer. This way you can determine if the problem of the system is the temperature. If you noticed your fridge stops working later on, then there is an issue with the electronic control, and it needs to be replaced.

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