Five Things to Consider When Buying a New Refrigerator

Do you think the price for refrigerator repair in Manhattan, Yonkers is increasing? Then I think it’s time you get a new one.

Carefully following these tips as outline by our experts will assist you when shopping for a new refrigerator.

The built-in unit and the freestanding

Although the freestanding refrigerator is common today, it is worth learning the difference between the two refrigerators.

The freestanding refrigerator is an easy-to-install type. All you need to do is plug the refrigerator to an outlet and slid the unit into place. If you are considering the built-in type, then you should know that it has to be built into your cabinet. One amazing benefit of this type is that it covers the refrigerator with materials that match your cabinet.


Decide if you need a side by side refrigerator with a freezer or you need a fridge on top and the freezer below. Pay a visit to a show showroom and choose the option that suits you and the space in your kitchen better. The amount of spaces in the refrigerator is determined by the style and brand. While the style should be considered, the cleaning should also be paid attention to.


Refrigerators have different door types, some are the French style double doors that open from the top while others are the swing that opens from left to right. Irrespective of the design of the fridge, make sure it provides you with space and great access to the inside of the fridge.

Avoid refrigerators that make you crane your neck just to access them. When considering the type of door, you should also consider the space in the location where the refrigerator will be kept. This is so you don’t get one where space will prevent the door from opening.


The brand of refrigerators in the market today are more efficient when it comes to energy that the old models. When getting a refrigerator, look for the Energy Star rating EPA. This way you’d be sure you’re getting one that saves you both money and energy. With proper maintenance and care, a quality refrigerator will last long. This doesn’t mean they won’t have hiccups from time to time. Owing to this, you need a refrigerator repair in Manhattan. All you have to do is call Appliance Doctor X.


The size of a home refrigerator is way more than you expect. This does not only have to do with the size of the refrigerator, but it also includes the space where it contains – space behind the unit for enough ventilation. Pushing your unit up against the wall can lead to an expensive refrigerator repair Manhattan.

You can get the dimension requirement in the owner’s manual. Make sure you check that before buying. Also, measure your kitchen or wherever the unit will be placed to make sure the refrigerator fits in properly.

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