Top Refrigerator Repairs Appliance Doctor Can Help Fix for You

There are few most common issues you might experience to know that you need a service for refrigerator repair in New York City. Are you having problems with your refrigerator? Is the ice maker not working? Doesn’t it cool off? Is there no water? Think about how much trouble it is when you open your fridge and all your food in there were spoiled. All because your refrigerator suddenly stopped working, and now you’ve wasted a lot of food and money, which aren’t easy to earn.

Any homeowner for sure would be extremely pissed off if these happened to them. This is why maintenance is important to keep your refrigerator working in perfect condition. At the same time, it’d be great to have a professional refrigerator repair to help you care for your fridge.

The good thing is you can solve your refrigerator problems easily with the right help. On that note, below are the most common refrigerator repairs a professional appliance technician can help you with. All you need is to call an expert local provider refrigerator in New York City just like Appliance Doctor.

Here are some of the most common refrigerator repairs Appliance Doctor has helped fix for their customers:

#1  Refrigerator’s Temperature is not cold enough

If your refrigerator’s temperature isn’t cold enough, the most likely cause is a broken defrost thermostat. It’s likely going to be replaced, but you can try to clean the condenser coils first using a vacuum or condenser coil brush.

This might not work if the contracts frosted over. In that case, you’re going to proceed to replacing the thermostat. Doing this should be simple enough for you to do on your own. However, if you’re unsure how to do this, asking for an Appliance Doctor technician is a great idea for safe replacement.

#2 The Refrigerator is not working

You just found out one morning that your refrigerator isn’t working. This is most likely due to a number of reasons. A power surge could have damaged its electric control board. It could have open circuits or worn-out relays. To help fix these, the solution is to replace the damaged parts which a professional can do for you.

#3 The Ice Maker is not working

If your refrigerator’s ice maker isn’t working, the problem is probably due to its motor being seized up. This means you’re going to have to replace it. On the other hand, it could also be because the water inlet valve is clogged. It’s also possible that the ice maker is not working because of a faulty mechanism.

Today, the most modern fridges are using heat to release ice cubes. If there’s a problem with the mechanism, you can perform some electrical tests to check it. But if you don’t know about it as well as the water valve, you can call for a pro to help.

As an expert in refrigerator repair in New York City, you can trust Appliance Doctor to help you fix even the most difficult appliance issues. When you need appliance repair in NYC, you don’t have to look at other places. All you need is to call Appliance Doctor for a free estimate.


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