Appliance Doctor Tips on Selecting the Right Dryer

If you are in the market for a new dryer are you confident you know which one is right for you? Choosing a new dryer shouldn’t be a difficult task but there are some key tips to choosing the right model. Here are some tips from Appliance doctor that will aid you with your decision to give you the best outcome and provide the best value for your money.

Dryer Size and Capacity

Have a look at where your new dryer will live, will you be stacking your washer and dryer on top of one another? Either way make sure you leave enough space for loading laundry from the front and cables, hoses and vents at the back.

Dryer capacities are measured in cubic feet or Kilos. How much you want to fit in each load will determine what capacity your dryer should be. When choosing the right size dryer consider that while a larger dryer dry’s things faster it also uses more power. If you go the other way and pick one to small be prepared to do multiple loads.

If you are a family you will want seven to nine cubic feet or seven to eight kilos. If you are a couple or single you can halve that but take into account you want your dryer to last a long time so any additional occupants to your living circumstance may make a smaller dryer redundant.

Electric Dryers – Dryer Repair NYC

Vented dryers are the most affordable but also generate moist air. These models need a well ventilated room or require a vent installed to pump the moist air out. This will prevent mold forming on your walls.

Sensor dryers have smart sensors that detect when clothes are dry and switch off to prevent damage done by over drying. This feature makes them more energy efficient than vented models.

Condenser dryers don’t need to be vented and are a great choice for rental homes. Some condenser dryers drain the excess water out via a hose while others have a water container that will need emptying after each load. These dryers also require sufficient ventilation as they will raise moisture levels in the air potentially causing you issues with mold.

Finally heat pump dryer’s there’s no ventilation required for these. These dryers are the best for apartments because they don’t create moisture or hot air. These models use half the energy of vented and condenser dryers.

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